3 Point Retractable Belt Anchor Above Window Choose Retractor Hi or Lo

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•Retractable •3 Point Seat Belt •Low Door Post •Shoulder Bolt Anchor Point Above Side Window Level

Choose whether you need the seat belt Retractor to be mounted in the Upper Position (above side window) or Lower Position (near floor) .

The next step is to choose whether you need the Retractor Reel to be mounted in the roof area above the top of the side window or mounted down near the floor of the vehicle. Choose the floor area mount only if there is sufficient room for the 4" x 4" x 3" retractor box near the floor. Just click on the appropriate diagram below!

Click on the Appropriate Diagram Below!

Retractor Mounted Near Floor
For the 4" x 4" x 3" retractor box to be mounted near the floor and the shoulder bolt anchor point above the window, then
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Some conversion vans, box truck, work van, cargo van, Econoline or club wagon, some motorhomes, buses, also older hardtops (if retrofitted) examples: Mustang or Camaro, Firebird, Falcon, Nova, as long as the car has been retrofitted or will be retrofitted for a seatbelt shoulder bolt anchor above the top of the side window.
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    Retractor Reel Mounted into Roof Area
For applications where the retractor reel is mounted into roof area above the top of the side window, then
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1970's Camaro, Firebird, El Camino and more and pre-1968 vehicles that have been retrofitted or that will be retrofitted for an anchor point above the top of the side window for mounting the retractor reel usually into the roof area.
How do I retrofit? Click Here!

Note: To install a 3 point seat belt, your vehicle must have a manufacturer's shoulder bolt attachment point or you must create one (retrofit) one.
How do I create one?
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