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Seat Belt Finder

Use this wizard to find the exact seat belt for most any passenger car, van or truck.
Buy your replacement car seat belt in just a few easy steps with this universal fit aftermarket Seat Belt Finder!

Aftermarket Universal Fit Replacement seat belts: Made in the USA with domestic and foreign components. Auto Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards #209 & #302 approved!
Step 2 Lap Seat Belts Retractable or Non-Retractable
3 Point Seat Belt Retractable or Non-Retractable Seat Belts
Step 2 Choose Buckle Type 4 Point Seat Belts
These seatbelts are universal fit aftermarket replacement seatbelts Made in the USA. These seat belts are NOT specific to certain makes or models of cars, trucks, vans etc. and it would be impossible to create a cross reference table. Each replacement seat belt is designed for a specific application type. The next few steps will lead you to the replacement seat belt that should be compatible with the seat belt that you want to replace. We have detailed installation instructions and diagrams that you can refer to, so that you can make sure that the chosen seatbelt replacement will work for your application. You can easily compare our diagrams with your actual vehicle to make sure that the new belts are compatible. Great for classic cars and vintage automobiles.