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Pyrotect Patented Pro Airflow Interior

    Pyrotect Auto Racing Helmets >>Pyrotect Patented Airflow SA Series

    Pro Airflow

    What Makes the Pyrotect Pro Airflow SA Series Helmets Stand Out?
    Pyrotect leads the industry by introducing another first, the patented AirFlow Helmet Interior with removable liner and cheek pads.
    (Available only in the Pro Airflow SA Series)

    No other Helmet manufacturer has matched the performance of this airflow system. This exclusive feature reduces fogging of the shield by allowing cool air to enter the helmet through intake vents at the forehead and chin area of the helmet, keeping cool air moving along the front of the helmet and pushing the hot air out through the top exhaust venting on the helmet to keep you both cooler and more comfortable.

    The exclusive innovated improvement offered by the Pyrotect SA Series helmets offers convenient, easily removable liners and cheek pads. The whole concept offers drivers options for comfort, fit, ease of use and the ability to adjust and maintain their helmets' interior with replaceable cheek pads which are available in Thin, Standard and Thick sizes.

    The new Pyrotect helmets are comfortable to wear because of their lighter weight and maximum comfort, ranking them one of the top of quality helmets in the marketplace. They also provide the coolest, extra low fogging solution available in racing today.

    Quick removal of liners makes them ideal for cleaning or replacement.

    The newly designed SA Series helmets are available in Full Face and Open Face models.