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NecksGen Head and Neck Restraints


What are Racers Saying About Necksgen?

"Overall, I am very pleased with the Necksgen, and would recommend this product over a HANS® for anyone considering a head and neck restraint."

"The quick release mechanism for the tether of the Necksgen is very simple and functionally vs. the HANS® quick release there is simply no comparison."

"The design of the belt retention features is also superior to the HANS®. Once the shoulder harness belt is in place on the Necksgen, I can't see how it would be able to slip off if there was any tension on it at all. Can't say the same for a HANS®, there have been many occasions where I have found myself adjusting the placement of the shoulder harnesses onto the HANS®, which isn't a great thing."

SFI 38.1 Approved Safety Certified