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Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) / (ALR) (Vehicle Sensitive)

    Replacement Seat Belts >>>Retractable Seat Belts >>> Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR), ALR & VSR

    Replacement Seat Belts with ELR Retractors

    All of our 2 point retractable replacement seat belts are ALR functioning * (except our #i-2017-travel).

    * (Our 3 point retractable seat belts are ELR ONLY.)(Except for our big rig seat belts which are ELR & VSR)

    Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) function allows the occupant to have free movement while buckled up, but in an emergency situation or crash the retractor instantly locks securing the occupant. This is accomplished by an inertia reel with which all of our retractable replacement seat belts are equipped. The inertia reel is "webbing sensitive," meaning that any sudden movement of the webbing (the seat belt strap) causes the retractor to instantly lock.
    (Click Inertia Reel Photo Above to Enlarge).

    Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) function allows the user to lock the retractor at a set position (also called child restraint mode) used for securing child seats. ALR mode is activated by extending the retractor all the way out until a "click" is heard, next let the seat belt (webbing) retract into the retractor to the desired length and stop the belt at that point. The retractor locks and will not let the belt lengthen at that point (only retract). To cancel ALR mode and return the retractor to the ELR mode, just let the retractor retract the webbing all the way back into the retractor.

    Vehicle Sensitive Retractor (VSR)
    Our big rig seat belt is "Vehicle Sensitive." This is an excellent safety feature that locks the seat belt in the case of a rollover or sudden change of vehicle position or direction. While buckled in, it allows the occupant free movement, but locks the webbing (belt) with any sudden change of position of the truck and most importantly in case of a rollover accident.

    Because of this safety feature, the seat belt retractor box must be positioned / installed so that the webbing (belt) feeds out vertically (straight up). The flat side of the retractor box has a "Pilot Pin" that inserts into a 1/4" hole in the truck wall / door post. (The retractor box must be installed at a 90 angle to the floor of the truck / ground.) If it is not installed in a vertical position, the webbing will not feed out of the retractor box.

    Important Note: With all of our retractable seatbelts (* EXCEPT our Semi Truck Seat Belt), the retractor can be installed at any angle, but should be installed in a way so that the webbing (seatbelt strap) is able to exit straight out of the retractor so that it will NOT bind up. If the webbing binds, then it can cause the retractor to NOT perform as designed.