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Racing Suit - Proban Single-Layer SFI 3-2A/1 Rated Fire Suits

    Fire Suit - Custom Pyrotect Proban Race Suits SFI 3-2A/1 Details

    Racing Fire Suits Pyrotect Proban® custom firesuits are constructed of a single layer of durable Proban® fabric which maintains cool comfort and has the feel of cotton, but at the same time delivers excellent fire retardant properties. These suits are 1 layer Proban and exceed SFI 3.2A/1 specifications. A 10 TPP Rating. (TPP Rating: Divide this number by 2 to determine the number of seconds before a second degree burn occurs.) Constructed with Proban, Banox or other FR Cotton material determined by availability.
    Included in price:
  • Front slash pockets
  • 360° arm attachments
  • Your name embroidered on left chest or the belt
  • Epaulets
  • Embroidered country flag with placement on shoulder or on the belt
  • Choice of leg cuff style: Boot Cuff/NASCAR Cuff, Euro Cuff or Euro Cuff with elastic band
  • Knit liner inner collar
  • SFI Certification Tags
  • 1 piece (jumpsuit style) racing suits come standard with lower back & crotch Stretch Panel
  • 1-2 Logo Embroidery at NO additional charge. Additional charge for 3-16 logos.
  • The arms are finished with FR double knit wrist cuffs
  • Plus, many optional add-ons for an additional charge including Custom Tailored Fit and more!
    Racing suit shown is a custom style # 6 one piece.

    Proban® Colors
    Custom Fire Suit

    ProbanWhat is Proban®? Proban is a world leading textile flame retardant. A product which provides peace of mind to both industrial and consumer markets. PROBAN® has been developed to give fabrics made from natural fibers reliable flame retardant properties lasts the life of the garment and durable to modern day living.