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Big Rig Seat Belt Installation Instructions - Semi Truck Seat Belts 3 Point Retractable

    Big Rig Seat Belt Semi Truck 3 Point Retractable Installation

    Truck Seat Belt Replacement: lap and shoulder harness FMVSS Federal Safety Approved retractable big rig seat belts: CAUTION: Read these seatbelt instructions for 3 point retractable replacement heavy truck seat belts thoroughly before installing this air ride seat truck safety harness. These instructions apply only to big rig seat belts from Wesco, for Air Ride style seats, not to be used with other manufacturers or retailers' 18 wheeler truck seat belts. Not for replacement use in aircraft or racing competition.
    5 Steps

    Big Rig Seat Belt for Air Ride Seats

    Step # 1: To begin replacement, remove the existing seat belt that you are replacing including the long side of harness on the outboard side (towards the door, between the seat and the side of the vehicle) and the short side of the seatbelt on the inboard side (inside side of seat).

    Step # 2: Replacement: This new replacement seat belt has a "Vehicle Sensitive" retractor. This is an excellent safety feature that locks the seatbelt in the case of a rollover or sudden change of vehicle position or direction.

    Because of this safety feature, the retractor box must be installed / positioned so that the webbing (belt) feeds out straight up (vertical). To assist with proper alignment, the flat side of the retractor box has a "Pilot Pin" 1½" above the anchor bolt hole. The Pilot Pin must be inserted into a 1/4" hole in the truck wall / door post. If your truck does not have one or it does not align with your new retractor, you must drill a ¼" hole 1½" straight above the anchor point hole (threaded hole) when measured from the center of hole to center of hole.

    (The retractor box must be installed at a 90° angle to the floor of the truck / ground.) If it is not installed in a vertical position, the webbing will not feed out of the retractor box.

    Insert the hex bolt through the (A) Retractor End of your new Wesco big rig seat belt. Then insert the hex bolt into the existing anchor point (threaded hole) and press the retractor box against the truck wall making sure that the pilot pin goes into the pilot hole Fig. 1 and then tighten the hex bolt.
    This seatbelt is designed to work with Air Ride type seats. (The hex bolt should be firmly tightened.)

    Step # 3: Remove the plastic sash guide cover off of the (B) End of your new tractor trailer seat belt. Fig. 1 Now insert the Shoulder Bolt through the hole in the Shoulder Sash (B) End of your new truck seat belt and then screw the bolt into the existing anchor point that is located on the upper door post as seen in Fig. 1 and then firmly tighten. Now snap the shoulder sash cover over the sash guide. My vehicle does NOT have a shoulder bolt anchor point for seat belts. How do I create One? Click Here!

    Semi-Truck Seat Belts - Air Ride Seat Belt

    Step # 4: Next insert hex bolt (Grade 5 or better) through the hole in the (C) End of your Air Ride seat style seat belt and screw the bolt into the existing anchor point (threaded hole) that is located on the outboard side of the seat as shown in Fig.2 (exact location on seat may vary) and then firmly tighten.

    Step # 5: Last step! Insert the hex bolt through the bolt-in end of the D End Female Seat Belt End, and screw it into the inboard side (center of the vehicle side of seat) existing anchor point on seat. Firmly tighten. That's it...your Air Ride style seat lap and shoulder seat belt is "Good to Go!"

    Aftermarket Seat Belt Safety Instructions for Big Rigs