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Shoulder Harness Sternum Strap

    Replacement Seat Belts >> Cam Lock Harness & Racing Harnesses >> Sternum Strap installed on camlock harness

    Camlock Harness Sternum StrapShown in photo is a harness sternum strap installed on one of our camlock harnesses. The function of the sternum strap is to keep the shoulder harness from slipping off the shoulders even during an impact. As you can see, it has a push button latch which makes it a snap to get in and out of. It can be added to any of our offroad or racing harnesses.

    The sternum strap is sewn into your shoulder harness straps (restraint) at the factory, so allow for a few days lead time on your order. Also, adding a sternum strap makes the harness a custom item, so it is not returnable.