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How Auto Racing Helmets | Motorcycle Helmet are Rated SA2015, SA15 FIA

    Helmets: How are they rated?

    HelmetOur helmets are certified to Snell Standards. The most current Snell rating is SA2015  (SA15). SA2015 helmets must be equipped with FIA8859-2015 compliant M6 terminal mounts for use with head and neck restraints.
    SA2015 Standard testing includes additional testing compared to SA10, including:

  • Low Velocity impact testing
  • Low Lateral impact testing for the safety important temple and ear areas.
  • The SA2015 Rated Helmets are now tested using higher weight and velocity impact testing as a higher standard.

  • Auto racing helmets are rated as either M, SA or K

    M standard is for Motorcycle or motorized highway vehicles. M rated helmets are to be used for motorcycles, motorized highway vehicles and also for types of racing that do not require a fire retardant rating. (We recommend that you consult your sanctioning organization for specific helmet requirements.) M rated helmets also require a larger eye port for a wider range of vision.

    SA standard ("Special Application") is for helmets that meet the standards necessary to be used in competitive automotive sports and racing (including NHRA) and require a fire retardant rating for interior compartment components as well as the helmet shell, shield and chin strap. SA helmets are also subjected to additional testing including a test which simulates a roll bar impact including penetration and impact tests.

    SAH standard meets all of the requirements of the SA certification, but SAH means that the helmet also has FHR (frontal HEAD restraint) capability; in other words, Hans type device connection points. This FHR M6 terminal hardware is fixed in the helmet shell symmetrically on the right and left sides. The hardware has M6 threads and must meet the stringent specifications and testing by Snell. The Snell SAH2010 standard is compatible with FIA8858-2010 and is recognized by the FIA for use outside of North America. The FIA8858 Certification requires the helmet to be tested for use with Head and Neck Restraint Devices. SAH rated helmets only have the threaded hole part of the hardware, NOT the anchoring hardware.

    K rated helmets are used for Karting applications. They are subjected to the same test standards as SA helmets except the do not require a fire retardant interior.

    FIA 8860 This standard was developed by the FIA to improve overall helmet performance and safety and is known as the most severe racing helmet standard. The Homologation procedure for testing consists of linear impact tests, abrasive anvil tests, crush test, penetration tests, the helmet shell surface is subject to BARCOL Hardness tests and more including stringent testing of Hans type device anchorage points.

    SFI 24.1 (2015) is the most current SFI Foundation's rating for fire retardant motor sports helmets and recognized and accepted by racing and karting organizations including the Quarter Midget Association of America (QMA).