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How to Measure for Installing 3-Point Seat Belts in Your Vehicle

To Determine the 3 Point Belt Length Proper Fitment for Your Vehicle Measure A + B + C:

How to Measure for Installing Seat Belts Proper Fitment in Your Car - 3 Point Retractable Seatbelt
  1. For proper fitment in your vehicle, measure the existing 3-point seat belt that you're going to replace, by measuring the sections "A" "B" and "C shown in the diagram."
  2. If you are installing a 3-point seat belt in a vehicle that does NOT already have 3-point seat belts, measure an estimate of each section using the diagram as an example of how to measure. (SEE "Creating Anchor Points for a First-Time Installation of 3 Point Seat Belts" below.)

  3. Add the measurements A + B + C together for the total required length that your new seat belt must extend out of the retractor box. The seat belt that you purchase on our website must state in our description that the webbing (belt) extends out of the seat belt retractor box at least the total measured length A + B + C (But Preferably MORE).
    Example: Your total measurement of your vehicle A + B + C equals 110 inches. Our website description of the 3-point seat belt that you want to buy states that the webbing (belt) extends to 125 inches out of the retractor box. Then you're golden! Yay!
  4. Before choosing your female buckle-end length on our website ("D" in the diagram), for proper fitment measure as shown, from the anchor-point of "D" on the floor of the vehicle, up to 1-2 inches above the top of the seat-bottom (what you sit on) as shown in the diagram.
    Now you can choose the correct length of the buckle-end of the seat belt that you're purchasing. Yay again!
  5. With Retractable 3-point and 2-point seat belts, it's important to make sure that there is adequate room to fit at the location for the retractor box. Be sure to measure the space in your vehicle of the location for the retractor box, and compare with the dimensions as shown in this example image:

How to Measure to Install Seat Belts in Your Car 3 Point Retractable Box
REMEMBER: Seat Belts purchased on our website that you have "bolted in" are NOT returnable due to safety reasons. So, make sure that you measure carefully, and when you receive your new seat belt(s), be sure to hold them up to your application (without bolting them in) to make sure that they are going to work. We except returns/exchanges for up to 30 days after you have received your new seat belt(s).

Creating Anchor Points for a First-Time Installation of 3 Point Seat Belts

See our Standard 3-point installation instructions to see what is necessary to install your seat belt by clicking the link below: (NOTE: We have detailed installation instructions for each different type of 3-point seat belt we carry...look for the link on each product page!)
Standard 3-Point Seat Belt Installation Instructions

Click the link below to see how to create a shoulder anchor-point when a factory one is not present:
How to Create a Shoulder Anchor-Point
How to Measure Install Seat Belts Anchor-Point Car 3 Point Retractable