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Seat Belt Extension Installation Instructions

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    Below is our simple 3 step seat belt extender instructions for installation.

    Need length added to a 3-point seat belt due to bulky military or safety gear?

    This extension is a safer solution than using an extender that can be clicked onto the male end of a three point (lap and shoulder) seat belt. When an extension is added to the "click-on" end of the belt, it re-aligns the shoulder harness portion of the seat belt towards the door. So, the safety restraint becomes off-centered on the occupant's body, which can allow the body to slip out from under the safety harness more easily during impact. This is even more likely if the occupant is wearing heavy safety or military gear.

    With our extender the above mentioned problem is solved. This extension will add 12 inches (one foot) of overall length to the seatbelt system. Since this extension part is easily added on to the safety restraint system where it connects near or on the floor of the car, it adds overall length to the entire safety restraint system; so the shoulder restraint portion remains centered on the occupant.