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Lap Seat Belt, Push Button

Lap Seat Belt, Push Button
Lap Seat Belt, Push Button  - alternative view 1
Lap Seat Belt, Push Button  - alternative view 2
Lap Seat Belt, Push Button  - alternative view 3
Lap Seat Belt, Push Button
Lap Seat Belt, Push Button  - alternative view 1
Lap Seat Belt, Push Button  - alternative view 2
Lap Seat Belt, Push Button  - alternative view 3
Item #: lb60-sbs-1201
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  • Seat Belt: These lap belts are easy to install
  • These lap belts are Safety tested and approved, assembled, sewn and packaged in the USA.
  • This is a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) #209 & #302 Approved and meets Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J386 specs safety harness! Tested in the USA
  • 2 point push button seat belt that adjust to a maximum of 60, 74, 90 or 110 inches total length. Now also 48"
  • 60" belt female buckle side: 23 inches
    74" belt female buckle side: 32 inches
    90" belt female buckle side: 42 inches
    110" belt female buckle side: 36 inches
    48" belt female buckle side: 20 inches
  • Our 110 inch replacement lap belt is great for some motorhome seat belt applications.
  • These 2 point seatbelts are lap belts only (no shoulder harness) NON-retractable and are universal fit.
  • So they will fit perfectly on most cars and they come with complete Installation Instructions 2-Point Lap Belt Guide.
  • Price includes 1 adjustable length restraint.
  • Price includes 1 belt for 1 seat.
  • Each optional 212 replacement hardware kit includes all that you need for 1 person, for one seat.
  • Click to view our Belt Hardware Page.
  • All seat belts work in either driver, middle or passenger position in your car, truck or van.
  • Are you an extra large driver? Our 74", 90" and 110" sizes (LB74, LB90 & LB110 can be an alternative to using a seat belt extender).
  • ***For most American cars before 1970 front seat installations, usually require 74 inch length or longer. We strongly recommend that you measure carefully before ordering.***
    Retrofit Anchorage Points
    Will These SeatBelts Work for My Car Without Having to Retrofit?
    Our seat belts are Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) #209 & #302 approved; meaning that they are the safest seatbelts available and they are universal fit aftermarket restraints. If you are replacing existing belts with the same type of belt (example: lap belt for a lap belt), then these belts should work perfectly and replacement will probably be accomplished within minutes. (Just be sure to measure your existing straps, so that you order the correct length). If there are no existing seatbelts in your car, it is possible that there are anchorage points (threaded holes) existing in your car, but no belts. You need to check to see if these anchorage points are present and if so, there should be no problem.
    Important: If the necessary anchorage points are NOT present, then proper anchorage points must be safely added before installation.

    History of Anchorage Points by Year
    Here is a brief history of what years anchorage points were added to U.S. automobiles: Most U.S. passenger cars, beginning with 1962 models, have seat belt anchorages for at least 2 lap belts in the front seat, but not all autos. Starting in 1964, all U.S. cars were manufactured with seat belt anchorages for at least two lap belts in the front seat. Since January 1968, U.S. passenger car and light truck manufacturers have been required to install lap belt and shoulder belt anchorages at each front "outboard" (driver side and passenger side, not middle) seating position (except convertibles) as well as lap belt anchorages at all other seating positions. Since 1/1/72, this same requirement became effective for trucks. In 1986, GM began phasing in 3 point (lap belts with shoulder restraints) for the rear outboard seats of their vehicles and the other major U.S. manufacturers followed suit over the next 3-4 years.>
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