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Racing Suit - Nomex Single-Layer SFI 3-2A/1 Rated Fire Suits

    Racing Suit - Custom Nomex SFI 3-2A/1 Details

    racing suitsNomex Custom Racing Suit (Single-Layer) by RJS is constructed with Nomex 3 fabric, fire resistant material. Racing suit material of highest quality is sewn with high quality Nomex thread, Nomex cuffs and Nomex zippers, for the best possible protection in a single layer firesuit. This racing suit is SFI 3-2A/1 fire rated.

    Racing suit shown is a custom style # 2 two piece.

    Fire Resistant Racing Suit
    Standard Nomex Colors

    Nomex Premium Colors
    Premium Nomex Colors

    Nomex SuitWhat is Nomex? Over the years, the lessons learned at the track - literally trials by fire - have helped the racing industry improve every aspect of managing the threat of fire and protecting the people who provide the drama and spectacle of racing. Racing apparel made with NOMEX® is at the core of this safety improvement.

    That's because racing material of DuPont NOMEX® brand fiber plays a pivotal role in providing the valuable seconds racing professionals need to escape and survive flash fires that result from both on-track collisions and pit area accidents. And, this protection is long lasting. Whether it is found in protective suit, underwear, gloves or socks, the exceptional fire resistance provided by NOMEX® cannot be washed out or worn away.

    Racing gear of NOMEX® is inherently fire-resistant, which means its resistance to flame is built into the fiber. It also will not sustain combustion in air or melt when exposed to fire. Because NOMEX® carbonizes and becomes thicker when exposed to intense heat, it forms a protective barrier between the heat source and the skin. This unique reaction to intense heat provides valuable escape time when flash fires occur and protects wearers against them. NOMEX® delivers confidence while managing heat and flames head on.

    When protective material is tested on THERMO-MAN®, all systems are go
    THERMO-MAN® is one of the most advanced testing methods for evaluating burn injury potential and measuring protective material performance. This scientific evaluation system for thermal burn injuries is a six-foot, one-inch-tall manikin equipped with 122 heat sensors. THERMO-MAN® can be exposed to various fire hazards through controlled burns to test burn protection properties of garment material constructions, fabric weights, material types and garment design styles. Results predict the amount, degree and location of burn injuries that would be sustained by the wearer in a flash fire. DuPont scientists use this information to help apparel manufacturers develop optimum designs in lightweight, fire-resistant suits that equip drivers, pit crews, rescue teams and track officials with garments that are comfortable and provide the best thermal protection possible.

    And, suits are just part of these professionals' protection. One of the most effective ways they enhance their driving safety on the track is to increase the number of layers they wear. Because it provides thorough body coverage from neck to wrists to ankles, long johns of NOMEX® are one of several layers racers and pit crews put on before race time.