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Racer-5 Suits 2-Layer SFI 3-2A/5

    Our Entry level Professional RJS Racing Suits are made with Fire Resistant Cotton (FR Cotton). A cotton blend Fire-retardant outer layer and an inner layer of a Arimand/Kevlar blend. Our RJS Racer-5 race suits are channel-quilted and have Nomex cuffing, thread and zippers and are basic suits with no stripes. Made from a FR cotton blend with a Kevlar blend liner, it is a quality suit at an affordable price! These are light-weight multi-layer quality racing suits at a very low price. These new racing suits meet and exceed SFI 3-2A/5 standards and requirements without the expense of a Nomex SFI-5 suit! If you're looking for more protection than a single-layer suit can give you, but without the expense of a Nomex SFI-5, this is the suit for you. These RJS racing suits come in 1-piece or separate jacket and pants.

    (Suits shown are custom style # 6 one piece with upper shirt color matching lower shirt, orange piping and box quilting.

    FR Cotton Colors