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Proban Custom Driving Suits Details

Our single layer, flame retardant FR Cotton custom driving suits by RJS are constructed with Proban / FR-7A material or Banox material (according to material availability. And have a SFI 3-2A/1 fire retardant rating. These suits are light and comfortable and now have a longer lasting life expectancy, and sewn with premium Nomex thread, Nomex cuffs and zippers.

Photo shown is a 2 piece (separate jacket and pants) custom # 2 suit in all red with all 3 jacket stripes in white.

What is PROBAN® ? Proban is a world leading textile flame retardant. Part of the Rhodia range it is a product which provides peace of mind to both industrial and consumer markets. PROBAN® has been developed to give fabrics made from natural fibers reliable flame retardant properties durable to modern day living.

BanoxWhat is Banox® ? Durable Banox® FR3 fabric is manufactured in the U.S.A. and is 100% cotton fabric treated with fire resistance that lasts the life of the garment. It maintains the cool comfort and feel of cotton yet offers outstanding fire retardant properties. Banox® fire resistant material is manufactured using a unique fire-retarding process that lasts the life of the garment without reducing the wear life below that of normal cotton that is untreated. These fabrics cost less than any other 100% cotton flame-resistant garment with permanent flame -resistance, and are best suited for racing environments where initial cost is a prime consideration and garments are expected to last 2-3 years or longer.