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Big Rig Seat Belt Extender Installation Instructions - Semi Truck Seat Belt Extensions

    Big Rig Seat Belt Extender Semi Truck Seatbelt extension Installation

    Truck Seat Belt Extender: FMVSS Federal Safety Approved seat belt extension for truck seat belts: CAUTION: Read these seatbelt instructions thoroughly before installing big rig seat belt extenders for use on 3 point retractable semi-truck seat belts that have air ride style suspension seats. These instructions apply only to truck seat belt extensions from Wesco, for suspension seats or where seat belts attach to the seat. Not to be used with other manufacturers or retailers' 18 wheeler extenders. Not for replacement use in aircraft or racing competition.
    3 Steps
    Truck Seat Belt Extender

    Step # 1: To begin, Remove the Hex Bolt from the 3 Point Retractable Seat Belt at the (C) End as Shown Above.
    * It is best to reuse existing hardware when available.

    Semi-Truck Seat Belt - Air Ride Seat Belt

    Step # 2: Insert the supplied hex bolt through the supplied washer and then through the retractable seat belt end (C), then through the seat belt extender end (D), then through the supplied washer and lock nut and firmly tighten as shown above in Fig.2. Then snap supplied plastic cap (not shown) onto the tightened lock nut.

    Step # 3: Now Just insert the original Hex Bolt (that was removed in step #1) thru the (E) end (30° Bend End) of the Seat Belt Extender. Then tighten the Hex Bolt firmly into the hole (anchor point) that it was originally taken out of in Step #1, and you are finished!