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Jeep Wrangler Seat Belts

Many colors to choose from when you buy a Wrangler seat belt below. Each one is a Direct Replacement Jeep Wrangler seat belt. Unlike our Universal Fit Aftermarket Seat belts, our "Direct Fit Wrangler Seat Belts" are designed to be a replacement for specific years of Wrangler and with NO modification required! Each Direct Fit Seat Belt is a reproduction of the original restraint found in each year / model Jeep. More coming soon!

The original specifications of each seat belt design, webbing (belt), hardware and webbing length has been followed carefully. As with all of our automobile restraints, these are NOT cheap overseas seatbelts. They are designed, sewn, fitted, assembled, packaged and Safety Tested in the U.S.A. and are SAE #J386, U.S. FMVSS #302, and U.S. FMVSS #209 compliant. Many colors to choose from!