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Pyrotect Custom Suit Measurement Fit Form

    This Fit Form will guide you through the process of measuring your body for a custom fitted suit.
    It is important that you follow all instructions.
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    Please fill out this form completely.
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    *Shipping Address:
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    *Tell us the fit that you prefer
    *Body Type
    }} Please do not measure yourself.
    }} Have someone measure you but not a tailor.
    }} Wear tight fitting comfortable clothes such as underwear.
    }} Use a cloth measuring tape and keep it tight to the skin.
    }} Take exact measurements and do not add anything to them.
    }} Measurements are to be in inches and weight in pounds (LBS).
    If you have questions, please give us a call USA: 1-888-738-5970, International: 1-805-987-6691. We will make the suit to these dimensions and will not be responsible for measurement errors.

    Submitting the Custom Fit Form only sends us your measurements. It does not order your suit. AFTER clicking the SUBMIT button above, you must return to the Wesco Performance website to order your suit and checkout through our shopping cart online which will then complete your order. Call us toll free at 888-738-5970 if you have any questions or problems.

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