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Safety Micro-Switch Seat Belts "Circuit Open"

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Safety Micro-Switch Seat Belts "Circuit Open"
Safety Micro-Switch Seat Belts "Circuit Open"
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Safety Micro-Switch Seat Belts "Circuit Open"

These 2" wide belts are retractable anti-cinch and have a micro-switch that makes sure that the tractor driver buckles up before driving the equipment. These are 2-point lap belt only (no shoulder strap) retractable belts. Available in the colors Black and Orange. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) #209 & #302 Approved.

This is the "Circuit Open" model, meaning that the seat belt must be buckled up before the motor will start, preventing drivers from moving the vehicle until they are buckled in.
Wiring Diagram and Instructions

  • 12 inch Flexible Receiving End Click Here to view

  • Webbing (belt) Extends 41-43 inches out of the retractor unit. With 12 inch female buckle end, Total length is 53-55 inches from mounting hole to mounting hole.
  • (The optional mounting hardware includes our 210 hardware kit) Click to View.