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Pocket Radar Speed Radar Gun pr-1000

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Pocket Radar Speed Radar Gun pr-1000
Pocket Radar Speed Radar Gun pr-1000
Item #: PR-1000
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  • Info

Radar Gun That Fits in Your Pocket

Pocket Radar is a speed gun that is as small as a typical cell phone. In fact, it can easily fit in your shirt or coat pocket. The gun doesn't look like a typical radar gun at all and you use it as you would with your cell phone camera. The technology is new in speed radar... light weight, small size and extremely accurate speed measurements. The best money can buy for auto racing because it can be kept on your person at all times instead of having a bulky carrying case and having to assemble the handle and horn like other speed guns with comparable accuracy. For an Amazing on sale low price!
  • Spec Sheet
  • Accuracy is +/- 1 MPH, +/- 2 KPH, +/-1 MPS or +/- 2 FPS.
  • Race cars can be gunned accurately at up to approximately ½ mile away!
  • Uses 2 standard AAA batteries (INCLUDED)
  • Radar gun can measure speed in 4 different types of units.
  • Easily set the gun for MPH - miles per hour, KPH - kilometers per hour, MPS - meters per second or FPS - feet per second.
  • Batteries capable of shooting approximately 10,000 radar speed tests under normal conditions.
Just press and release the big red button on the front to measure the speed of almost any moving object. The speed gun should be used pointed directly at the vehicle coming straight at you or straight away from you for the most accurate speed measurement. When measuring motion of objects that are moving for only a short period of time, such as a baseball pitch or soccer kick, "press and release" the big red button just before the object starts to move. The gun's intelligent target acquisition algorithms will seek out and display the fastest object. You can measure speed from 7 mph to 375 mph! A great feature is that Pocket Radar can give you a constant running speed like the speedometer in your car by simply holding the big red button down without releasing. So you can clock a race car's speed fluctuation as it accelerates down the straight away and and slows down for the turn!
Yes! It is perfectly safe to store in your pocket. Its new technology is allows it to work with very low power output. The output power is much less than almost all cordless or cell phones or Bluetooth headsets. And it is not on continuously with the radar beam only being on for a fraction of a second when the red button is pushed.

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