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Style #6 Nomex 1-Layer Custom Race Suit

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Style #6 Nomex 1-Layer Custom Race Suit
Style #6 Nomex 1-Layer Custom Race Suit
Item #: custom6-1003

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Click to view the Standard Size Chart     Click to view Standard Nomex Colors     Click to view Premium Nomex Colors Custom Style #6 Nomex® suit made in the USA. 1-Layer fire rated SFI 3-2A/1 driving suit by RJS. Do you want a Custom Fit as well? Or do you not know your size? No problem! Click Here so you can send us your measurements. Our custom fitted suits are only $56 extra. Don't forget that you must return back to this page to finish designing and ordering your suit. Just choose your size, choose 1 piece or 2 piece suit, choose what ever colors you would like and any optional modifications. Be sure to double check the colors and options before ordering. The Custom driving suit charge is included in the price shown. As you will see, there are additional charges for 2 piece suits and extras like, NASCAR Cuffs, Quilting, Piping, Epaulets, Embroidery, Cuff Color and Side Striping. Additional charge amounts are shown in the pull-down windows for the options, and if chosen, will be added automatically for you to the price of the suit in the shopping cart. What are Nascar Cuffs? Click Here What is Quilting? Click Here What is Piping? Click Here What are Standard Epaulets? Click Here What are European Epaulets? Click Here What Does Side Stripe Look Like? Click Here